Support The Station....

 You know the proverb...."it takes a village"  well, the Sensory Station knows that it will take the support of the village to ensure that we are able to purchase all of the equipment needed and make the necessary renovations to ensure the safety of all who attend the Station.  


For some of you, the fundraisers are too much to handle and you would rather stay home or you live too far away, or, let's face it, another day out with your husband, wife or kids may lead you to do things....whatever your situation maybe that would prevent you from attending our fundraisers...we understand; but, we also understand that you may still want to donate to contribute to this amazing facility opening in Central Wisconsin that will change so many lives.  


So, whether it be distance, your bedtime or the possibility of increased consumption that keeps you from experiencing extreme fun, please click on the donate button to support The Sensory Station!  

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