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The Anger Me Not Foundation will host their annual conference on October 9th & 10th featuring Travis Monson of Facebook's Asperger Experts and Russell Lehmann, Self Advocate and Author! 

The Conference will take place at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn and Convention Center. We are covering many areas this year including autism, puberty, sexual orientation, dyslexia, sensory in young children as well as older, self coping skills and strategies, behavior, suicide and mental health, bullying, fibromyalgia plus many more.

New this year...we will be offering children's workshops focused on topics about transition, living on their own after school, employment as well as topics for the siblings including: What to do when my friends do not understand; I matter too; Why do they do that?; and How to Advocate.  There will also be activities and projects to keep them busy while the parents are off being filled with knowledge.

Friday night, the children will have a dance party.  I am currently working on some much needed comic relief for the parents while the kids are dancing the night away.  Stay tuned for details....

Some of our presenters include: Glenis Benson, Dr. Stacy Luther, Robert Johnston, Tammie Tollitson, Dana Kay Brenner, Emily Lindberg and myself.

As the conference begins to near, we will be posting updates and session details.  Registration will open in July.  A block of rooms is on reserve at the Holiday Inn for your booking convenience.

For more information, become a sponsor and or vendor, please contact Laura at angermenotfoundationinc@gmail.com


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